10 Useful Phrasal Verbs for Any Topic in IELTS Speaking

Phrasal Verbs are critical not only for IELTS, but you can also practice them in everyday conversation. The reason behind it is that they are most commonly used by native speakers. Besides, it creates a positive and natural impact on your reading and speaking skills. But because it is an informal language, one should avoid applying it to casual conversation.

You must be wondering what exactly is a Phrasal Verb. First, let us tell you that this is not something you can memorize overnight. But with our best IELTS coaching online Mumbai, you will learn these phrases with more clarity and in the shortest time possible.

Phrasal Verb is a mixture of a Verb + Particle (i.e. Preposition, Adverb), which creates a whole new meaning. For instance,

  • Come at means to attack
  • Come by means to visit someone
  • Come across means finding something by chance.
  • As you can notice, when coming along with another, each word sets up a different meaning in a sentence.

Now let us see some frequently used phrasal verbs:-

1. Give up

  • To admit defeat or surrender

Example: I’m too close to my goal to give up now.

2. Drop off

  • Take somebody to a place

Example: No worries! I’ll drop you off at the best IELTS classes near me.

3. Hang on

  • To wait for a short time

Example: Hang on a minute, I’m just coming.

4. Set aside

  • To keep something available for a purpose

Example: We set aside some money for repairs.

1. Ask for

  • To request something

Example: The employees asked for a raise.

2. Doze off

  • To go to sleep unintentionally

Example: Hey, quit dozing off! This is the best part of the film!

3. Look out

  • To remain alert

Example: Look out for pickpocketers while riding the subway.

4. Sneak out

  • To leave a place without being noticed

Example: I sneaked the book out of my father’s study.

5. Let down

  • To disappoint someone

Example: It’s a huge letdown when you fail because you didn’t try.

6. Wrap up

  • To conclude a presentation, event, etc

Example: Let’s wrap up the blog by saying that you can join Southwards IELTS, the best IELTS coaching online Mumbai to master the art of speaking. After joining, we are sure you would say, “It’s the best IELTS Classes near me.”

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