Do you need help with an IELTS Writing Task 2?

Writing module is the toughest module of the IELTS test. You should not be surprised to see someone getting the required scores in Listening, Reading, and Speaking, but getting stuck at Band 6 or 6.5 in Writing. The primary reason behind this is the lack of knowledge of Official Marking Scheme that is ‘’What Examiners Want’’.

What is a Writing Task 2?

You will be given a topic

You will be asked to respond to the topic in the form of an essay

Total time 40 minutes

At least 250 words

Carries 66.667% of total writing marks

Types of questions



Problems/causes and solutions

Advantages and disadvantages


In order to get a Band 7 or above in Writing, you need to know Official Marking Scheme precisely, so that you give examiners what they want and nothing else.

Official Marking Scheme

Task response (25%)

Coherence and cohesion (25%)

Vocabulary (25%)

Grammar (25%)

Of all the above questions, Opinion and Discussion essays are the most frequently asked in the test.

How to generate Ideas for Writing Task 2

Opinion Essay

In an opinion essay, you will be given a one-sided view or statement, and you will be asked to give your opinion on such a view or statement.


Just pick one side that is, agree or disagree and give two reasons for the same.



a. Paraphrase the question

b. Give your opinion

c. Mention your 2 ideas

Supporting Paragraph 1 (IDEA 1)

a. Topic sentence

b. Explanation

c. Example

Supporting Paragraph 2 (IDEA 2)

a. Topic sentence

b. Explanation

c. Example


a. Summary of

1. Opinion

2. Main ideas

Sample Opinion Essay


In the future, more people will choose to go on holiday in their own country and not travel abroad on holiday.

Do you agree or disagree?


It is stated that more and more people will prefer holidaying in their homeland to abroad in the coming times. I undoubtedly disagree with this entire statement because purchasing power is on the rise and the internet has been showcasing many beautiful locations worldwide.

The first reason for my disagreement is that lately, an increasing number of people are earning more money than they did in the past. Due to this, there has been more money at disposal than ever before, and travellers will not mind spending some portion of it on visiting and exploring different countries with family and friends to experience varied weather, terrains, and cultures. For example, one of my friends is planning to visit Alaska because now his financial ability can afford to buy expensive things and services.

Another reason is that because of online applications, people are getting to know many picturesque and little-known tourist spots. This is because travel vloggers upload the videos of their visits to various amazing and remotely-known holiday spots worldwide on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, making these videos viral due to their huge fan following. As a result, people who watch these videos get tempted to experience the places shown and pay a visit at any cost. For instance, my neighbour is going on a vacation in Masai Mara National Park in Africa after watching many videos of wildlife hunting on YouTube.

To conclude, I disagree that domestic tourist destinations will be people's first choice in the coming years because of an increasingly better financial position and awareness of unique and unforgettable locations from every corner of the world due to the internet.