Do you need help with an IELTS Reading?

IELTS Reading test is designed to test your reading skills. Basically, what examiners are trying to know is that are you able to read and understand the meaning of the text. For this, they use varieties of questions which includes some of the most challenging and tricky ones..

What is a Reading test?

You will be given a data (information) in the form of paragraphs

Around 2500-2700 words

You will be given questions as well

You will be asked to read the data and find the answer to the questions

Types of questions

Flow chart completion

Notes completion

Summary completion

Table completion

Sentence completion

Short answer

Multiple choice

True/False/Not Given

Yes/No/Not Given

Matching headings

Matching features

Matching information


3 Sections/Reading Passages

40 Questions

60 minutes


In General, different parts are known as Sections whereas, in academic, they are known as as Reading Passages.

The source of data is also different in both types of test. In the general test, the data is collected from general sources and is regarding day to day topic/common topic. In contrast, in the academic test, the data is collected from academic sources and is academic in nature.