Do you need help with an IELTS Speaking?

IELTS SPEAKING test is designed to test your speaking skills. Examiners, want to know how fluent you are in SPEAKING? Apart from this, they also want to know your ability to speak in length, organizing your answers logically, and using a wide range of words. The most important thing is that you should speak with no or minimum errors.

What is a Speaking test?

It is a face to face questions and answers session between the examiner and the candidate

Around 11-15 Minutes


Part 1: All about you

Part 2: Task card/Cue card

Part 3: Closely related to Part 2 topic

Part 1

Around 4 to 5 minutes

Around 3 topics

Around 3 to 4 questions for each topic

Around 11 to 12 questions in total

Questions are all about you

Key Information

First topic will be about Work/Study/Home/Hometown(any one)

Remaining topics can be about anything (but about you)

But they are about you, so you cant get them wrong

Part 2

You will be given a Cue or Task card which will have one topic. You will be asked to speak on such topic for up to 2 minutes.

Most candidates do not speak up to 2 minutes and they go blank and speechless after round 1 minute and 10 seconds or so.

If you want a Band 7+ in Speaking, then Part 2 is the determiner. YOU MUST SPEAK FOR UP TO 2 MINUTES.

Why Candidate Suffer?

Don’t speak for the 2 minutes

Read their notes, rather than speaking

Run out of things to say

No structure to their answers


The key to ensuring that you speak for up to 2 minutes lies in the Cue or Task card itself. If you are just going to speak about the given bullets only, then there is no way you are going to speak for up to 2 minutes.

The instruction words clearly say, ‘YOU WILL HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE TOPIC’. It means what examiners want is you to talk ABOUT THE TOPIC with or without bullet points. In other words, you can talk about the topic, the bullet points, and other than bullet points, but it should be about the topic.

Apart from bullet points, you can also

Introduce the topic

Give description

Give opinion

Give Examples

Speak about past/present/future

Speak ANYTHING related to the topic

Part 3

Questions that are related to the topic of Part 2

4-5 minutes

Questions are not about you

Questions are more abstract (ideas, imagination, prediction)

Designed to stretch your abilities, so expect tough questions